The World War 2 through the Eyes of a Jew

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The World War 2 through the Eyes of a Jew

The Frank family lead a very normal lifestyle before Hitler rose to extreme power. Margot, the older of the two Frank children, was incredibly smart, obedient and attractive. Anne, on the other hand, was wild, loud, sarcastic and an average student. Anne attended the 6th Montressori school in Amsterdam when Hitler took over her city. Not long after, the Franks went into hiding in the annex of Otto's office. The Franks hid with another family, the Van Daans. This family of three was always fighting with the Franks, especially over the supplies brought in by Otto's work assistants. Eventually, Anne and Peter; the Van Daans son, fell in love. After two years, the day they dreaded had come; they were discovered by Nazis and sent to concentration camps. Edith died of starvation at age 44 in Auschwitz camp. Margot died from epidemic typhus at age 19 at the Bergen-Belsen camp. Anne died when she was 15 at the same camp as her sister. Otto, however, survived the camps and once he was released, he found Anne's diary and decided to publish it to show how cruel the Holocaust was to the Jews.

World War II Through the Eyes of a Jew

And Anne Frank's Diary

Anne's Diary

Anne's actual diary!

All throughout her hiding, Anne kept a diary she named Kitty, which she recieved for her 13th birthday. In her diary she wrote all about what was happening, which was very boring becuase she was in hiding, and she had to be very quiet.

Otto- Father

Anne- Younger Daughter

Edith- Mother

Margot- Older daughter





Treatment of the Jews in WWII

The Jews were treated horribly during WWII. We get a look into the lives of Jews during this time period through Anne's diary because she and her family were Jewish. Jews:*Had to wear bright yellow stars on their clothing to let everyone know they were Jewish.*Were completely separated from Christians and other people included in Hitler's Aryan race.*Sent to concentration camps and killed.*Storekeeper's stores were ruined in the middle of the night.*Innocent Jews were beaten up.*Jews had to hide in cramped apartments to stay away from the Nazis.*They lived in a constant fear of being found by the Nazis.*6 MILLION of them were killed in camps. Thats over 60% of New York City's population, today.

Kristallnacht in Baden-Baden, Germany

Life in Hiding

Being a Jew in hiding was hard. For the Van Daans and the Franks it was especially difficult because of their constant fighting. If they were too loud, they could be heard and reported to the Nazis and taken to camps. There was never enough of anything, food, water, warmth, cold air, clothing, room, and life. Anne always said how dull her life was becuase she was never able to leave her annex. Living in constant fear of being found and killed was not good.

Anne's real room!

The yellow star that the Jews had to wear

The Secret Annexe

By Hailey Eichner


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