The World Before European Exploration

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The World Before European Exploration

The World before European Exploration

Historians and archeoligists believe that the first people to come to North America traveled here from Asia in search of food. These people are called Paleo-Indians. Watch the short video clip below to learn about how they walked here from Asia. Pay attention to how they adapted to the environment in North America.

This map shows a diagram of the route that the Paleo-Indians took when they traveled from Asia to North America. The part that is shaded dark blue shows what used to be land back in the ice age. Today that land is all under water. The Bering Sea now separates Asia and North America.

This is an example of what Paleo-Indians looked like during the crossing.

The pictures on the right show what kind of animals the Paleo-Indians may have followed into North America and how they hunted.



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