The World Around Us

by bcscience
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The World Around Us

Wanted: scary crocodile with food in its mouth.

I am looking for a mutualistic relationship with a crocodile. I am a cute little type of bird. I have an orange bill with a black tip. I am 15-19 cm in length. I need your help to get me a meal out of a crocodiles mouth. In exchange I will give a crocodile a teeth cleaning. But just a warning just hope the crocodile does not close it’s mouth. Wish me luck! Oh yeah and I am an Egyptian plover. My name is piper the plover.

Us together!

Egyptian plover


The Egyptian plover gets a meal out of the crocodiles mouth. Then in exchange it gives a crocodile a teeth cleaning.

The crocodile gives a free meal to the egyptian plover by the plover pecking at it's teeth. Then after the crocodile gets a free cleaning.

You plus me equals together forever.


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