The Wonders of Colorado

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The Wonders of Colorado

Billy Kidd is a former World Cup alpine ski racer for the US Ski Team from 1962 to 1970. He won a silver and bronze in the slalom.

Billy Kidd

The Wonders of...

The Cinnamon Roll is the state pastrey for Colorado. Most Colorado Cinnamon Rolls have white vanilla icing to add more flavor to the Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Roll

To the left, is a video of what some people do in Colorado... ON SKIS AND SNOWBOARDS! You can do amazing things if you try.

The City of Wheat Ridge Summer Day Camp is a camp located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. It is a fun experience for kids like me to learn, have fun, and GO WILD!!! This camp has themes for every week so that kids can have a different experience of education for every week. There is a feild trip for every week also!

The Colorado state animal is the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep.

The winters in Colorado are very cold,but still sunny. This year, Steamboat got179.6 inches of snow.

The summers in Colorado arevery hot and sunny. Denver, Colorado gets 245 days of sun total!

Hot and Cold

The US Building in Colorado Springs is the flagship training center for the US Ski Team members from Colorado and the Olympic Training Center programs.

City of Wheat Ridge Summer Day Camp


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