The Wonderous Forest

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The Wonderous Forest

A black bear eating its prey

Deciduous Trees grow in both rain forests and temperate forests. These trees shed their leaves for cold or dry seasons, then grow them back when its warm again. there leaves help them capture sunlight to make food during photosythesis. Also decidous means leaves changing colors in the seasons. some people think plants have no behavioral adaptations eventhough the roots sucking in water is a behavioral adaptation.

Black bears live in tempreate forests.They can live off body their fat during cold seasons until weather gets warm again. Black bears escape from predators by climbing trees. Black Bears are omnivores, which means they eat plants and meat. Black Bears eat stuff like berries and fish.



TYPES~~~~~~~~~~~~Temperate Forests have cold winters and warm summers. They have wide leaved trees to absorb sunlight, (mostly there are deicduous trees). Rain Forests cover 6% of earths surface. Also there are 4 layers in a rain forest, the floor, understory, canopy, emergent layer, and forest.


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