The Wonderful World of Ovens

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The Wonderful World of Ovens

We can find ovens in many houses, especially in big houses.There are little and big ovens and almost all are made with metal elements because they have to heat up to high temperatures to prepare different types of food.We need to be careful when ovens are hot because they can hurt us and we need to wear special gloves to take out the food.Sometimes it's necessary to heat the oven up before putting in the food.Marta

There are a lot of shops where you can buy an oven. Ovens are sold in big supermarkets but you can find them in a little shop near the Macca, too. In my case, I bought my oven at Carrefour five years ago and just these days it is starting to give me problems. I confess that I have used it every day because it’s a microwave, too.I have another oven in my office. I bought it because I thought I would use it every day, but for other reasons I have used it only twice, so I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that anybody who needs one can phone me at 666.666.666. I’m waiting for your phone call. And if you are wondering “Why don’t you take this oven home?” The answer is: I need an oven-microwave.Bye.Marvi. (a man with two ovens)

The Wonderful World of Ovens

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My classmates speak about different aspects of the ovens, but nobody has told the most important. An oven is something that you use for cooking and we should speak about the food that you can cook in it.The kitchen is a dangerous places for me. I only go to the kitchen to open the fridge and take something to eat.The chef of the house is my mother. She usually uses the oven and cooks delicious food. I love the pizza and the cake that she makes in the oven. Also, she prepares a lot of chocolate muffins. I think that she is the best chef of the world.When my mother makes something in the oven, my sister and me are very happy. This food is always yummy.Ale.



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