The Wonderful Cultures of Europe

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The Wonderful Cultures of Europe

Captions - The Antomium is in Belgium and it represents a frame of mind and the Belgians amazing building capabilities. - The Acopolis of Athens was built to shelter people from wars, but later it was dedicated to the goddess Athena. It is important because it shows the power of the Athenians.-The House of Stone is significant to people around the world because it is very much like the Flinstones's house, and it is used to bring in a profit for residents it Portugal.-The Kinderdijk are significant to the Netherlands because the were built around the 1700's and are still being preserved.

The Wonderful Cultures of Europe

The Colosseum is significant to archaeologists because it provides insight into what the Roman culture was like.

The Church of Hallgrimur is significant to Iceland because it was made to resemble flowing lava of Iceland's landscape.

The Atomium

This is the Acropolis of Athens!

La Sagrada Familia is significant because it was built in Spain entirely from donations.

The London Eye symbolizes modern Britian and was a metaphor for the end of the 20th century and the start of a new millennium.

The Brandenburg Gate represents the reunification of East and West Berlin. It is the only city gate still standing today.

The Kinderdijk

The House of Stone

Cheval's Ideal Palace is significant because it was built from rocks found on the road.

Europe is a continent with vast cultures from each country. In Belgium and Iceland the structures the citizens built were to show their capabilities and creativity.

In Spain and France the people who built these structures built them with the little money they had and something amazing grew out of it. The momuments in

London and Berlin are a metaphor for something bigger. Europeans have many creative ideas to show the world their skills, capabilities, and intelligience.


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