The Witch of Blackbird Pond

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Backbird Pond

Top Fives


What I Hate About Wethersfield

Challenges I've Faced

Five Words That Describe Me

What I Grow to Like About Wethersfield

What I Miss About Barbados

1. The warm and sunny days2. Less work to do3. My Grandfather4. The turquiose ocean5. The bright grennery

1. Witch Trials2. Getting Hannah to safety from the Puritans3. Taking care of my family when they were sick4. Adapting to Puritan lifestyle5. Missing home

1. Matthew Wood (Uncle)2. The Great Meadow3. Feeling useful to ,my family4. My friends (Nat, Prudence, Hannah, John Holbrook5. Helping children learn

1. Daring2. Curious3. Spontaneous4. Mature5. Caring

1. The cold weather2. The workload3. Church4. The judgemental people5. Disloyalty to the king

Elizabeth George Speare

This is where I was born and raised for 16 years by my grandfather.

Caring-"Nat watched her come without a flicker in his eyes. Now that she stood directly in front of him she could see the bruise that the careless missle had left. Suddenly she felt tears rising."pg.167"These two she would take to Uncle Matthew, and this time she felt sure he would let his daughters accept them, because he would know that she offered the gifts with love instead of pride."pg.242

I taught Prudence how to read the Bible and to write her own name using a hornbook.

I loved to sail and enjoyed being on the ship the Dolphin with Nat.

About Me

I am Katherin Tyler, the grand-daughter of Sir Francis Tyler, from Barbados. I am a 16 year old girl with brown hair who enjoys wearing elegant dresses and other fine clothes to look presentable in front of other people. When my grandfather died, I left Barbados to live with my only living relatives, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Matthew Wood, with their daughters Judith and Mercy in Wethersfield. When I came here, I wasn't prepared at all for life in Connecticut. The work load in Wethersfield was astonishingly large, with no servants to help, unlike Barbados where most of the work was done by slaves. At first, life here was dreary, being forced to go to Church when I believed life should be free and calm. The people here were very harsh as well, but I found several people who I enjoyed visitng with. My best friends from Connecticut were Hannah Tupper, a nice Quaker that was feared by the people of Wethersfield, a little girl named Prudence whom I taught to read, John Holbrook, a man who tried to learn all he could from Dr. Burkeley, and Nathaniel Eaton, the son of the captain of the ship the Dolphin.

Prideful-"For a long time after Judith blew out the candle Kit lay rigid, fearful that a simple sniff might give her"All at once tears of self pity filled her eyes. What was she doing here anyway, Sir Francis Tyler's grand- daughter, squatting in an onion patch?"pg.79

Impulsive-"Without a second's deliberation she acted. Kicking off her buckled shoes and dropping her woolen cloak, she plunged headlong over the side of the boat."pg.8"Only one thing must be done before Kit could truly be at peace, and without speaking a word Hannah had given her the strength to do it. Straight up Broad Street she walked, up the path to a square frame house, and knocked boldly on the door of Mr. Eleazer Kimberly."pg.97

"And she was entirely responsible for Prudence's actions, Kit admitted with a sickened heart. Who had inveigled the child with promises, and thought of the hiding place under the willow tree, and persuaded her - no dragged her against her will - to meet Hannah. Oh, why hadn't she seen what she was doing? How could she have been so wicked?"pg.205-206"All Kit's plans turned to Barbados. She had no illusions about the prospect before her. She would not go back as Sir Francis Tyler's grand-daughter. She would go back as a single woman who must work for a living."pg.242


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