The Wish

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The Wish

The Wish


Favorite Part

Wilma Sturtz, an eight grader, who is as unpopular as anyone can get. However, her luck is change, when she offers her seat to an old lady on the bus. The lady promises to grain her one wish in return. Wilma wishes to be the most popular kid at Claverford Middle School. The wish is granted and Wilma is overwhelms with friends, and gets a boyfriend, Jared. Also, Wilma finally gets to be friend with the three most popular girls in school, Ardis, BeeBee, and Nina. She soon finds out that her wish isn't perfect. Wilma graduates from Claverford in three weeks, but the wish only works if she stays at Claverford.

My favorite part of the book is when Wilma rejects BeeBee's boyfriend, Carlos. Wilma has a big crush on Carlos, but he always ignores her. Since she becomes popular, he suddenly breaks up with BeeBee and ask Wilma out. Instead of accepting, she makes the right choice of rejecting him. Carlos didn't like her for who she really is, but for her popularity.

Theme The theme of this book is people can be liked by just being who they are. Wilma thinks that the only reason people are friends with her, is because of the wish. At the end, when the wish wears off and people starts to leave her, her boyfriend, Jared still stays with her. She ask him why he stays, and he said he likes her way before she is popular. Wilma thinks that people likes her, because of the wish, but Jared likes her for who she really is.

Climax The climax of the story is after graduation and Ardis, BeeBee, and Nina comes to Wilma's house. During their time at Wilma's house, the spell wears off. Ardis, BeeBee and Nina suddenly hate Wilma.

Resolution At the end, when the spell wears off, Wilma's friends all start to hate her. She thinks that her boyfriend, Jared, would break up with her too, but he didn't. He told her that he likes her before she is popular. Wilma realizes that she doesn't need magic to have friend, people likes her for true self.

By Gail Carson Levine


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