The Windmill Project

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The Windmill Project

Materials 1.5V motor Popsicle Stick, Jumbo (1) 1" Velcro (set, top and bottom) Rubber Band, small (2) 3" x 3" x 2" Wooden Plank (1) 20 oz. Plastic bottle (1) Safety Pins, set (small, med., large) Straight pin (1) Wooden Dowel, 1/8" dia., 12" height Black wires (2) 0.45V Solar panel (1)Brainstorming Ideas Stage 1: Brainstorm alone and record 3 possible designs. Stage 2: Meet with team and share ideas to develop 3 refine sketches total.

The Windmill Project

Using limited components, research, design and develop a functional windmill that can run two minutes minimum.

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The Design Process


1. Define the problem.2. Brainstorm possible solutions.3. Generate ideas.4. Research ideas and explore all possibilites.5. Specify criteria and identify constraints.6. consider alternative solutions.7. Select and approach.8. Develop written design proposal.9. Make model/ prototype.10. Test and evaluate.11. Refine/ create.12. Communicate results.