The Wild West

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The Wild West

Could You Have Survived:1. The Environment?2. The Transportation?3. The Lonliness?4. The Life-Style?

Life in the "Wild West"

Hollywood created the myths: 1. Cowboys vs. Indians2. Gunfights in the Saloons3. "Little House on the Prairie"4. Outlaws as HeroesWhat is the REAL WEST?

Often cowboys are mistaken in the movies as reckless outlaws. The truth is that most outlaws were NOT cowboys. They were criminals, thieves, and murderers and had nothing to do with the cattle profession.MOST COWTOWNS WERE NOT VIOLENT

Outcomes:With the development of the West, the United States uncovered natural resources (gold, silver) and created opportunities for many citizens that did not have those available in the East

Miners were abundant, but not their claims:There were many prospectors who went West to try their attempts as staking a claim and making it rich.Less than 20% of all prospectors found anything of significance. Most simply lived in mining camps and later took on mining with larger companies who bought the rights of those lucky enough to stake a claim.Boom towns often led to a Ghost towns as the minerals were mined and folks left town.

The transcontinental RR became one of the most important advancements during this era. It caused RR companies to scramble to compete and develop transportation for others to go West.

John Wesley Hardinonce killed a man for snoring!!Accused of more than 20 murders!!NOT A COWBOY!

Obstacles:There were many obstacles to going west; however, the most common problems were transportation, indian conflicts, and fighting the environment everyday in the frontier.

Cowboys were hired by Cattle Barons whose job it was to simply take cows to the railroad(2,000-3,000 cattle)(4-5 months on the trails)(1 in 5 cowboys were black)

As a result of the Homestead Act, many people travelled West in search of a new life and opportunity(immigration increased 80% in this era)Folks wanted FREE LAND

Dodge City (1878):708 crimes14 murders667 disturbing the peace


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