[2015] Jason Christley: The Who

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[2015] Jason Christley: The Who

The Who1964

Pete Townshed

Kenny Jones

BiographyThe Whos came around during the end of WW1 and were one of the few groups to make it from London to America like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. JFK was assinated during their time. "I Can't Explain" is the first single that reached the UKs top ten. They were inducted into the Hall of Fame for Rock and Roll in 1990.

Important EventOn December 3, 1979 a crowd rush at a concert caused 11 fans to die.

InterestingsFactsSold over 100 million records worldwide.From London, England

Roger Daltrey

John Entwistle

Who Are You?

Keith Moon

InterestingsFactsPete would downstroke and fingerpick while playing the guitar.Entwistle used Rotosound strings.

I Can't Explain


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