The White Tiger

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The White Tiger

By- Labannya S., Julie H.,and Sehyun M.

White tigers are also known as the White Bengal Tigers. Their taxonomical name is Panthera Tigris (Genus - Panthera, Species - Tigris). They fall under the Phanezioc Eon, Cenozoic Era, Quaternary Period, Holocene Epoch. They first appeared in the 1500's in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh India.

During the 15oo's, a female tiger was sitting and lying down on the grass while gazing at the stars. At that time, a comet striked across the horizon. The comic rays were pouring down on Earth penetrating everything on its way; it also penetrated through the tigress's womb. Since the cosmic rays, which had photons, penetrated through the tigress's womb, it caused one of the genes of the zygote to change into a new gene through mutation. This changed the appearance of the cub that was born - he was white in color, was bigger than normal, stranger and glowed with a special aura when he walked under the sun. The mutation changes his orange gene into a white gene and changed some other characteristics too. His mutant gene (chinchilla gene) was inherited by his cubs. Cubs that possessed two of this mutant gene would be born white.

1).They have stripes on their white body that help them to become invisible in the tall grass and trees. 2).They also have extremely strong jaws and teeth which help in catching prey.3).The White Tigers are also excellent swimmers and their coat protects them during cold and warm weathers.4)Due to their strength and huge size, the male White Tigers get a lot of territory (several times larger than female's territory).

Adaptations: The White Tiger has special adaptations which help them to survive in the wild.

The White Tiger

The white tigers usually live in dense forest and lush grasslands. They live in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India and some live in Assam, Bengal and Bihar. Some characteristics of a white tiger include: it's trophic level carnivore, predator and consumer. The whiter Tigers also lead a solitary way of life. They usually travel in a group of 3 or 4 (the group usually consists of mom and sub-adult cubs). Other White Tigers like to be alone because it can sneak up and surpise its prey. The White Tiger eats buffalo, goat, deer and wild boar in the wild and drinks water too. But at present time since the White Tigers have become an endangered species, some of them are put in the zoo for protection - the diet of those White Tigers are chicken, horsemeat or kangaroo meat 5 days a week and fast on bones twice a week.

Picture of tiger's skull and skeleton


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