The White Deserts in Egypt

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The White Deserts in Egypt

The White Deserts are made out of Sedimentary Rock.

The White Deserts

About the Rocks

The White Deserts' original name is Sahara el Beyda. Normally the sand in the deserts is yellow, however, the sand in the White Deserts is white and that is how this place got its name.

The White Desert is full of giant rocks made out of chalk. These incredible rocks that are found here are made by low-level wind erosion. One of the most famous rocks in the White Deserts is Mushroom Rock which looks like a giant mushroom. The White Deserts are a protected nature reserve, but when visitors from different parts of the world come and look at the wonderful chalk rocks they often damage them.

Here are some pictures below

Scientists know that this beautiful landscape was once under water because of the fossils and sea shells they have found.

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The White Deserts is a home for rare plants, acacia trees, and calcified trees. It is also a home for many hot springs. The White Deserts' are also known for the many animals that are on the verge of extinction that live there. Some of these animals include egyptian gazelles, white gazelles and rams. Another animal that lives here is the white fox. This home for many living things is also a home for dead things. The Desert has rare caves, graveyards, mummies and carved inscriptions.

The White Deserts is located between the Bahariya and the Farafra Oasis in Egypt. The White Deserts are exactly 45 km (30 miles) north of Farafra.

The White Deserts is a home to rare plants, Acacia trees, and calcified trees. It also has many hot springs too. The White Deserts is also a home to many animals that are on the verge of extinction. These animals include the following: Egyptian gazelles, white gazelles, and rams. One animal that lives in the White Deserts that is not on the verge of extinction is the white fox. The White Deserts is home to many living things and a home for many dead things too. In the White Deserts you can find rare caves, graveyards, mummies, and carved inscriptions.

Here are two pictures of the White Deserts in Egypt

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The famous "Mushroom Rock" in the White Deserts of Egypt

The White Deserts

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