The Whiskey Rebellion

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The Whiskey Rebellion

The WhiskeyRebellion

In 1794 farmers in western Pennsylvania were getting taxed on thier whiskey and they wernt happy about it. they ambushed any tax man the came to their land. they started riots and fires all over.

These are solders leaving a home of a whiskey rebellion. the solders had to come in as a extra percotion because most taxed people would get killed or captured and tortured.

This is a picture of a war that broke out in the middle of the town because farmers would make sell whiskey to the towns people.

this is a map of Pennsylvania now and when the whiskey rebellion was happening.

This was the bill that congress and Alexander Hamilton passed the law that all whiskey had to be taxed 7 to 18 cents a gallon.

The chart above is the economic status between The Civial War and world War I. it also shows the decrease in money because of all the taxes they put on goods and people stopped producing and buying products.


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