The Weight of Silence

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The Weight of Silence

"Calli knew there were many phrases used to try to describe her -- mentally challenged, autistic, on the spectrum, oppositional defiant, a selective mute."

Calli Clark, a smart, kind, seven year old girl, suffers from selective mustism caused by a tramatic expirence that happened during her years as a toddler. An expirence that no one acknowledges and that few know of. Her Mother Antonia, to this day wishes her daughter would speak, all the while being the best mother she can be. Calli's Father, Griff is rarely home, and when he is, he isn't the best company. His drinking habits and lack of self control aren't the aspects you'd look for in a Father raising two children. That brings us to Ben, her 13 year old brother, whose sworn to himself he'd protect his sister from all evils of the world.

Petra Gregory was Calli's best friend. She was Calli's voice and mediator. She knew what Calli wanted and what she meant, without having to hear a word.

The Weight of Silenceby Heather Gudenkauf

Martin and Fielda Gregory had been trying for years to have a child. It was a miracle when Petra was born. Everything they ever wanted was right in front of them, at last.

One cool August evening, Petra and Calli disappear into the night without a trace. Antonia is left alone in her home, a child missing, and her husband away on a fishing trip. Petra's Parents suspect Griff has some type of part to play in the children's disappearance, seeing that he left the morning they when missing. Antonia believes they wandered off together into the woods, as they often did during the day.

When found will they both still be breathing?

Who pulled Calli into the silence she now lives in?

Will Calli ever speak again?

Find out in "The Weight of Silence"


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