The Weather System

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Weather and Climate

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The Weather System

The weather system is about the way the weather works. The weather helps the world thrive. The usual sun and rain helps the world a lot. In addition to that, it also makes old plants fertiliser. Scientists say that after natural disasters, things grow faster. Now let us see what it is made up of…..

The Weather System

The weather system is made up of many things, one of them being the water cycle. Many things are part of the weather system, one is the water cycle. The water cycle is made up of four steps. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. Evaporation is the process of water heating up, turning into vapour and rising. Condensation turns the vapour into clouds. Precipitation is what we call rain, and finally collection is when the water is directed back into the ocean. There is also temperature. Temperature is based on how much heat the atmosphere lets in and the way the earth is tilted. There are also storms that cause natural disasters like hurricanes. www.eo.ucar states that “With warm air at its centre, a hurricane is different from extratropical cyclones, which are the most common type of storm in the United States. The centre of the storm is the calmest part. It is called the eye and has only light winds and fair weather.” Thunderstorms on the other hand are completely violent and are produced when cold air clashes with hot air. Ed Evan has shown proof that the water cycle works. Click here to go to the video I watched . Now let us see how it works….

The weather system controls the rain, temperature and other thing related to the weather. Read on to find out more...

Philip J

Weather always works together with nature. Thunderstorms seem bad but are actually good for the environment. It destroys old plants to help fertilise new plants, and for the ones that survive, it provides a lot of rain. Everyday weather also helps. In return, plants give a little bit of their water to help form clouds. Scientist have proven this and if you put a plant in a jar, then put glad wrap with ice on top, you will see a little bit has evaporated (P.S keep the jug/container air tight). Here is something on the Coriolis effect…...

The Coriolis Effect is to do with the way Earth spins eg when you are still and trying to throw a ball, it will follow a straight path. While you're spinning, the ball seems to curve away. This also affects the way a hurricane spins. In the southern hemisphere, it turns clockwise and in the northern hemisphere it turns counter clockwise.

In conclusion the weather system is the one of the things that we need to survive. With the rain and sun, the human race will live on for generations.


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