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The Wave

The Wave Movie Trailer

The Wave was about how a teacher named Ben Ross turns his historyclass into a group that he ment to be just a a small group but then itgot out of hand when people started to not let people go places unless they were part of the group, or they wouldn't let people go to school activities. Students stareted to leave the school because other kids started to hurt them.

The Wave Summary

The Man who the kids should Look Up To. Hitler

The Man the kids in the Wave should look up to because everything they are doing is what Adolf Hitler told the people that worked for him. The kids are huting people, and not letting people do anything unless they are with him.

The impact the book had on me is that it made me how can people do such horrible thing to people andnot let them do thing with them. Also I think it is crazythat just because the kids didn't want to join the Wavethey didn't let them do anything. The part about the book thathad a impact on me the most iis when the kids beat upa kid just because he didn't want to join the wave.

Impact the book had on Me

The Wave By:Todd Stasser

The Main Characters

The main character in the book is Laurie Saunders trying to get BenRoss to stop the Wave, and since she is doing that people are startingto hate her. The second main character is Ben Ross and he is the Historytacher who started the wave. Another main character is David Collins andhe is Lauries boyfriend and he starts to hate her since she doesn't likethe wave. The last main character is Robert Billings and he is importantbecause he is the one who likes the wave the most and helps Ben Ross.

The character David Collins is a major character because he picked on the character Robert Billings and once the wave started he stopped and started to talk to Robert.

The teacher Ben Ross is the biggest main character because he is the one to created the wave and he didn't mean to get so many students joining the wave but once he got all these students he didn't think the wave would get out of hand

The most important character is also Laurie Saunders and she is so important because she is the one who was trying to stop the wave but Ben Ross just wouldn't stop it and in the end people started to hat Laurie just because she didn't like the wave and didn't want to join it. At the end of the story Ben Ross kicked her out of the classroom because she started to talked about not liking the wave.



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