[2014] Hallie Conrad (Anne Frank Book Clubs): The Wave, Todd Strasser

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[2014] Hallie Conrad (Anne Frank Book Clubs): The Wave, Todd Strasser

Laurie SandersEditor-in-chief of the school news, The Gordon Grapevine, smart, and success driven by personal desire, Laurie is a very popular girl. She is one of the first students to realize how far the classroom experiment is going and attempts to stop it, even if it looses her high rank on the social ladder.

The Wave, Todd Strasser

Mr. Ross Leading Class

Mr. Ben Ross A teacher of Gordon High's history class, he was the creator and leader of The Wave. A man of curiousity, Ben designs an experiment to show his students what discipline and power was like, and how the Nazi's were able to use violence against humans like themselves with carelessness and no feeling.

SettingThis book takes place mainly at Gordon High School; in Mr. Ross' classroom where the experiment takes place, at the auditorium where rallies and meetings are held, and at football games. However, they also took place outside of school as well. Students were beating other kids who were resisting the movement, and parents and other teachers discussed it outside of school.

"Be careful who you follow because you never know where they will lead you..."-Mark Hancock

Summary When Mr. Ross teaches about the Holocaust unit, he shows his class a video about it. The students are horrified after watching the video at how the German people could allow this to happen. Out of curiousity, Ben creates an experiment that gives his students a feel of empowerment, and calls this movement The Wave. In the following days, The Wave grows in members at popularity, but so does it's negativity. A Jewish boy gets attacked for not wanting to join, and after that, more violence kicks in. Laurie Sanders decides the experiment is going out of hand, so she makes a special issue in the The Grapevine, showing the bad impact The Wave is having on the school. As people began to read the newspaper, many were confused and outraged. However, Laurie continues to barge on, and even gets her boyfriend, David, and other parents to help. They all talk to Mr. Ross, and eventually he realizes how far the experiment is going. He finally decides to end the experiment, but not until he taught his students a lesson. To do that, he called together an all-school rally. At it, he showed how the assembled Wave believers would have made good Nazis, despite their protests earlier to the video. After that, all of the members disbanded and the experiment dissolved.

Climax When a boy gets harassed for refusing to join The Wave because of his Jewish faith, Laurie publishes an issue on The Gordon Grapevine exposing the troubles and violence inflicted by the experiment. David helps her too, but not until after he realizes the havoc The Wave is wreaking when defending it and in the process attacking Laurie.

What I Thought I think that The Wave was a really good book. Not only did the students, but myself as well, understand how the Germans couldn't stand up to the Nazis and how the Nazis could heartlessly kill "inferiors". It showed me a better point of view, and I can now see how they did it. When you have a ton of power and many followers, not many people will take a stand. Usually people are too afraid and don't believe they could make a difference. If they had risen against Hitler before he came to power, the Holocaust may never have happened.

Hallie ConradPeriod 42/19/14


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