[2013] Rachel Nguyen (Period 5 English): The Wave

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[2013] Rachel Nguyen (Period 5 English): The Wave

The WaveBy Todd Strasser

Laurie Sanders is a student at Gordon High School who is the editor of the school newspaper, the girlfriend of David Collins (football player with good grades), and a popular girl who has many students see her as their rolemodel. They look up to her and try to follow in her lead because everything she does happens to be great. But when she goes against The Wave how far will she go to convince the other students that The Wave is bad and how will the other students begin to treat her?

Robert Billings comes from a family with the "perfect" brother that did everything amazing. Robert knows in his head that he's nothing compared to his brother and so he gives very little effort in the things he does. He sleeps in class and dresses geeky. He is also know as the dork of the school. But when the The Wave starts up and everyone is seen equal, Robert begins to grow confidence he never thought he had and hang out with the crew he never he thought he could.

The climax of this story is when Laurie Sanders and David Collins go to Ben Ross and talk to him about what had occured that night (David hurt Laurie). This greatly influences Ben to stop The Wave and the story falls from there.

This story mainly takes place at Gordon High School which includes the classrooms, the cafeteria, the field, and the gymnasium. This is where drama is brewed and where the creation of The Wave experiment is.



Gordon High School's history teacher who isn't good with technology has one certain class that doesn't give the amount of effort he desires. Ben Ross, the teacher, always grades papers and always get the same result. Although he is most student's favorite teacher, this class he teaches just doesn't live up to his expectations of good quality work (which shows they don't pay much attention) no matter how much he is engaged in what he is teaching. But one day on the study of World War II, Ben Ross shows his class a video on the Holocaust and the type of things that occured during this time. Amazingly enough, Ben's class was paying attention to the video with great interest. Following the video, Ben's class has questions that want an answer. As he answers the questions, he comes across one question which he doesn't have an answer to. The thing about Ben Ross was that if he came across something he was interested in, or wanted to find more about, he would be on that topic until he was satisfied. And it just so happened that the reason why people went into Hitler's power and why nobody tried to stop the Nazis was his next topic.Ben Ross starts an experiment that was only supposed to take one day of his teaching. But after he teaches his class about discipline, he comes back the next day to see that his class was far more into it then he thought they'd be. From there on, he starts a movement called The Wave where every member is in the community and the same as the other. The Wave starts off as just his class, but soon overpowers the school and many students take part. But when it gets out of contol and students fail to notice, will it turn into something bigger?

I thought "The Wave" was really good book and I loved reading it. I was constantly on the edge of my seat reading and waiting to see what would happen next. As I was reading I had the reoccuring thought, "Could this really happen?" and I kept telling myself that it really did. It seems so crazy that something like that could actually happen.If I were part of it, I wouldn't know if I were to join the movement or be against it, but seeing how people were so controlled they didn't realize what they were becoming intrigued me. I also enjoyed how they showed The Wave from the opposite end and the fight to stop it.

Rachel NguyenFebruary 28, 2015Period 3


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