The Watsons Go to Birmingham

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The Watsons Go to Birmingham

This book is about an African American family living in Michigan in 1963. The Watson's oldest son gets into trouble and the family decids to travel to Birmingham, Alabama to spend the summer and next year with their grandmother. Their visit changes the family a great deal due to the civil rights movement that was going on at the time.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham By: Christopher Paul Curtis

Though the Watson family is fictitious, the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963 is a factual event and this book would be a great addition to teaching students about the American civil rights movement.

Pros:- Teaches historically factual events & shows students difference between nonfiction and historical fiction.Cons: - May be too violent or graphic?

Book vs. Movie

A Glog by:Stephanie Billman

History Highlight!


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