[2015] Kayla Fragale: The Watsons Go to Birmingham

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[2015] Kayla Fragale: The Watsons Go to Birmingham

Christopher Paul Curtis

When reading this novel, one will be left with such passionate emotions. Kenny along with his family move to Birmingham in hopes of a postive new life style when they end up facing life threatening situations such as the church bombing. They have been under the powers of the Civil Rights war that took place in 1963. This war broke out in hopes of making rights to both black and white people equal. In the later chapters, Kenny becomes close with his older brother Byron and together they both realized that all they've got is family and that is all they need. Your family has your back even when you're at very lowest. Kenny grows as a person as does Byron. Never have I read such an inspiring book, it was worth the read.

Kenny Watson is a 10 year old boy who sees the good in everyone and everything. He's the type of kid to always out a smile on people's faces and never lets them down. Not only is he loyal but he is truly and inspiration. He inspires one to stay positive and hope for the best, to be proud of who you are and never forget where you came from. In this novel, Kenny shows a lot of bravery and courage as he is faced with many life threatening situations.

About the Character

The Watsons go to Birmingham


Reading StrategiesOne reading strategy I used was using note taking as I read each chapter. Using sticky notes helps to have a better understanding of the novel. The second strategy I used was questioning. This strategy left me wanting to read on in the novel to find answers to all the questions I had.

"Maybe she'd just scare him by setting his clothes on fire while he was in them" -Cutris 70"This is costing y'all a fortune" -Curtis 29"Oh yeah," Dad interrupted, "they're a laugh a minute down there. Let's see, where was that 'Coloreds Only' bathroom downtown?" -Curtis 136




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