The Water Seeker

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The Water Seeker

The conflict was that Amos made a desition for his father to take the Barlow Road instead of the Clumbia.(a river)


Author: Kimberly Willis Holt

The Water Seeker

Name:Miranda Ivy

Amos and his faimly got to Oregon Territory saftly.


Theme:Don't stop and if you do you won't succeed

The cover!!!

Setting The setting is in the 1800's where their was Otoe (indians),not much money ,and when mules/oxen pulled wagons along the move to the West.

SummaryA boy named Amos finds his journey through the trails to Oregon Territory among the pineers.He has to make decision for his faimly. He feels love,hate,sadness, happiness, and most of all lose. He almost lost everything but in the West Amos keeps on going.

Character Analysis1st Character is Amos. He is brave,kind,and caring.He is brave because he made a decision for all of his faimly to go on Barlow Road instead of going across the Clumbia. He was kind to Finn when Eliza died he drew a picture of her and gave it to Finn.He is also caring because he was comforting Gwendolyn when her father died and it was just her and her mom. 2nd Character is Jake which is Amos's father.Jake is brave,a leader,and most of all stubborn. He is stubborn because he would not let Amos go with him to hunt and scout. He is a leader because he was the scout for the Bosten Party.He is brave because he had to get his leg amputated.

ClimaxThe climax is when they reached the Oregon Territory.

Amos drew pictures along the trail for love ones when someone died.

Point of View The point of view is 3rd person because it does not say "I" or "me" in the book.


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