The Water Hyacinth

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The Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth decreases oxygen in water and increases its acidity. It prevents fishing and clogs water and has also become an economical problem

Water Hyacinth is found across tropical and subtropical regions. Africa, Asia, Mexico, and Europe have been affected the most.

The Plant can grow to 3 ft. in height. The plants have oval leaves and can grow purple flowers with 6 petals. Water hyacinth is native to south America and invades wetland habitats.

Scientists have tried to use species of beetle called weevlies to stop growth of the plant. Mechanical destruction has been tried but was only costly in money and didn’t work.

There are some positive effects of the Water Hyacinth for example its a great water depolutant which is why scientists don't want the plan to go completely but rather why want to control it.


Water Hyacinth was first introduced by humans as an ornamental plant to brazil and then expanded to over 50 countries

The Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipeshas) has effected Africa the most. The plant is growing in eastern, southern, and western parts of the US. The plant

reproduces so fast it can double in 2 weeks. This is a major problem for fishing businesses and humans can't

its infested by hyacinth.

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