The Water Cycle

by Lovepuppy105
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The Water Cycle

Water Cycle :)

The weather cycle.First a lake or a stream flow into the ocean. the ocean water gets Evaporated by the heat of the sun. As the water rises up , it breaks into small parts. then the water will rise up and form a cloud. It wont say in threre for long. the clouds are getting smaller thats because the cloud is making water drops. The water drops fall back to land called Precipitaion. The cycle continues forever!

Precipitaion is the process of rain. It happens beacuse the clouds can not hold a lot of water at once so it rains.

Transpiritai-on is when it rains and a plant soaks up the water from the roots. Then the water travels through the plant onto the leaf surface, then the water on it evaporates

Conden-sation is when water rise up to the sky (evaporation) and form clouds

Evaporation is when oceans, lakes, or river water r rise up to the sky condenses. (evaporation is caused by the sun's heat.


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