The Water Cycle

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Cycles & Processes

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The Water Cycle

The Water CycleTheir are many steps to the water cycle. Nobody really knows where starts. That is why it s called a cycle because it NEVER ENDS!!!

PrecipitationWhen the clouds get so heavy that they start pourind out water (rain, snow, hail, and sleet ect)!

Run OffAfter Precipitation it runs off mountais, hills into lakes, ponds, and the ocean!

EvaporationWhen water from a water source gets so hot is rises into the sky...

Ther is the same amount of water on Earth now as there was when Earth was CREATED :D

By: Kaya Eq

Fun fact:

CondensationWhen the water from Evaporation turns into a cloud!

This is what precipitation looks like!

This is what Run Off looks like!

This is what Evaporation looks like!

This is what Condensation looks like!


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