[2015] Grace Scott (LA/Lit 7H Class of 2018): The Watcher

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[2015] Grace Scott (LA/Lit 7H Class of 2018): The Watcher

Wendy gives Watcher to Barret since he was stopped at the boarder because he didn't have a passport and Watcher could serve as his service dog.

By: Joan Hiatt Harlow

Time Line

July 10, 1942

Wendy starts to volunteer at the Lebensborn Home, an orphanage for "perfect" Aryan children.

One day when Wendy was walking in the park, she met Barret, a blind boy. Opa, Barret's grandfather, started spying on Wendy. Wendy noticed him and told Adrie. Finally, they met and Opa told Wendy about her father's secret, that he was a Jew. Wendy wanted to run away because she liked her life in America, so Opa helped her. Opa helped Wendy a lot by getting passports, money, and jewels.

Wendy, who lives with her aunt and uncle in Maine, is brought to Berlin, Germany by her Aunt Adrie, who is really her mother and also a German spy. While there she gets to keep Watcher, a rejected army dog.

August 12, 1942

Barret, Wendy, and Watcher take off on their escape to freedom.

December 30, 1942

Wendy is befriended by blind Barret and Barret's grandfather, Opa, who helps her plan her escape from Germany.

January 8, 1943

January 20, 1943

The Watcher

Wendy goes to Germany with her Aunt Adrie, who is really her mother. While there she gets a war dog named Watcher.

Grace Scott 6H

When Wendy starts to volunteer at Lebensborn, she meets Johanna, a girl who is fighting for her religion. Wendy also meets a young Polish boy named Dobry, but his German name is Hunfrid. At Lebensborn, Johanna teaches Wendy how to speak German.

Wendy, Barret, and Watcher take off on their escape to freedom. Barret was not originally going to go on this journey, but he decided it would be best for him. Opa set up everything. At every stop there would be someone waiting for them. Then that person would take them to the next stop.

Wendy, Barret, and Watcher are on their way to freedom when something bad happens. Barret does not have a passport for the next country they are planning to go to. Wendy could leave and she had to make the right choice. Should Wendy leave Watcher here with Barret or should she take Watcher with her. She finally decided it would be best if Watcher stayed with Barret.


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