The Waste Lands

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The Waste Lands

The Waste Lands by Stephen King is the third book in his sci-fi Dark Tower series. It follows the newly formed cohort that Roland has assembled as they continue to search for the Dark Tower. They find out, however, that between them and the Tower lies an impassable expanse of desolation; the Waste Lands

Susannah Dean met Roland in the same way, but under different circumstances. Susannah used to be schizophrenic: she had two different personalities. One was named Odetta, and she was normal, but the other, Detta, hated white people and was violent and angry constantly. She was pushed under a train by a white man and lost her legs, but Roland joined her mental halves and is teaching her to be a gunslinger, legs or no legs.

Eddie dean was a drug addict smuggling heroin into NYC by plane when Roland entered his mind. Roland helped Eddie complete his task, and Eddie traveled back to Roland's world, where Roland begins to train him as a Gunslinger. Eddie shows remarkable widdom and maturity despite appearing foolish.

Jake is a boy from our world. He was hit by a car and killed, and was transported to Roland's world. Roland befriended him, but when Jake was trapped on a crumbling bridge Roland chose the Tower and let Jake die. Roland traveled back to Jake's world, however, and makes it so that Jake never died. Of his own accord, Jake found another portal to Roland's world and Roland promised "never to let him go again"

Roland of Gilead is a Gunslinger, the last of his kind. Years ago, there were many gunslingers, and they patrolled the land keeping the peace. Then, a chain of events started by a revolt led to the world "moving on" and now there are only broken scraps of technology, few people, and mutants and demons everywhere. Roland is on a quest to fix this by traveling to the "dark tower", which he thinks may have a problem with it that is causing the fall of civilization.

The Waste Lands





RECCOMENDATIONI would reccomend this book to anyone who likes science fiction, because it is definitely of that genre, but it is overall a very well-rounded book. It is dystopian, with mystery, romance, action, wit, humor, and excellent writing throughout. I would also like to note that the second book is the alltime favorite of Mr O'Connor, Mrs Leahy, Mrs Etten, and Mr Trule and Bernard are both currently reading the series, having just started this past week.

One particular instance where a character shows grit is when Eddie stands up to Roland and tells him to stop forcing them to do things. Eddie says that they want to go along with Roland, and asks the gunslinger to give them some trust, saying: "we're here because we have to be, [because of ka], but also because we want to be"..."I cry your pardon, gunslinger" Roland replies.

GritThere are lots of examples of grit in The Waste Lands. The characters are constantly faced with tough decisions and difficult situations, and they stand up for what they believe in. This takes grit because they don't know what making these decisions could lead to, but they show grit and make them anyways

The point of this book is that some things are up to chance, and some things are up to you. The important thing is to realize what you can control and making the right choices.


The Waste Lands is obviously science fiction, as it deals with mutants, supersonic trains, and teleportation, but that doesn't mean that it's just mindless action. This book has an underlying message of teamwork, trust, and making decisions, and has lots of great character development.


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