The wartime tribute

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Social Studies
World War I

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The wartime tribute

The Wartime Tribute

Lenin and the BolsheviksAfter the overthrow of the czar of Russia, a provisional government had been set up that was to rule Russia before a constitutional assembly could be elected. Several Soviets, or councils, were established across Russia to demand for equality and peace. The leaders of the Soviet were socialists, however two different factions fought for total control of the Soviets. The factions included the moderate Mensheviks and the radical Bolsheviks, who in the end won control of the soviets. With Vladimir Lenin leading them, the Bolsheviks overthrew the provisional government on November 7, 1917 to take control of Russia, and renamed themselves the Communist Party.–––Louie Copelan

Peace and Civil WarThe provisional government remained fighting in war dispite continuous losses. This made the citizens desperate for peace, and Russia gave over a lot of land in peace treaties.The newly set up Communist party faced great opposition, including Mensheviks and groups who wanted to restore Russia's Monarchy. Civil war broke out within Russia, and the Communists to execute the Czar and his family to prevent any chance of the return of the monarchy. The Allied Forces grew angry by Russia's peace treaties with the Central Powers and wanted Russia to resume fighting. The Allies feared that the communists would spread revolution to their countries and sent support for the communist's, or the Red Army's enemy: the White Forces. However, the Red Army won and renamed the land they ruled to the U.S.S.R.–––Louie Copelan

Europe Teams UpSeveral major powers in Europe are forming two seperate alliances in preperation for war. Bismark, in fear of France, set up a policy to prevent France from allying with other powers. Bismark tried to do this by allying with Austria-Hungary, Russia, and later on Italy, to form the Triple Alliance. However, due to a rivally between Austria-Hungary and Russia, the Triple Alliance ended in 1887.Not long after the end of the Triple Alliance, a new alliance began to form after conflict for overseas colonies. Great Britain allied with France and Russia in recognition of each other's sphere of influence. This alliance was called the Triple Entente.–––Louie Copelan

Innovations in WarfareWith war brewing the industry is being targeted to creating machines that could be used in war. Germany invented the U-Boat, which was the first effective submarine to be used in naval warfare. The airplane was also invented and is used mainly for surveying the enemy's troops, but were also used in dogfights and dropping bombs. Great Britain also introduced the tank, a heavily armored and weaponized vehicle. The growing demand for industry had the rest of the population that was not fighting work to provide goods for the soldiers. Countries used propaganda to stir people's patriotism so they would work for the war effort.–––Louie Copelan


A British Tank

Vladimir Lenin


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