The War Time Tribune

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Social Studies
World War I

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The War Time Tribune

The War Time Tribune

"The Spark"-By, Carlos QuinteroWorld War 1, a war to remember. Like all arguments or conflicts, there had to be a reason or "spark" in which started it all.In this case, this war was uniquely started by an assassination of a couple whom were royalty. The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, and his wife were visiting Sarajevo in an open automobile and were assassinated by a man known as Gavrilo Princip from Serbia. This enraged the Austro-Hungary and made them take action by making an alliance with Germany which would allow them to force Serbia’s government to listen to their proposals. This was the beginning of the world war.

The U.S. Is In!-By, Carlos QuinteroThe war is raging on as the casualties rise. Many battles have occurred and losses/ victories have become overwhelming. While nations continue to battle it out with each other, the U.S. has chosen to be a neutral nation within this war. We wish to not have any part within this war in terms of battling, but we still have a role. We have decided to supply goods to those countries that are at war and all goes well, until Germany gets involved. Germany has been given the image of performing atrocities in which enraged the U.S. Also the Germans were conducting unrestricted warfare around Britain (an ally to the U.S.) and eventually dragged us out of our safe zone and made us join the war.

The Central Powers Down!-By, Carlos QuinteroWe are now deep into the World War in which many countries are allied in order to achieve victory. The most threatening alliance, the Central Powers, have taken advantage of a treaty with Russia and advance towards Paris with Germany running the show. The other allied group which opposed the Central Powers had caught on to Germany’s plans and intends to stop them in their tracts with their combined powers, but Germany showed to be a formidable foe. In time, the allied group requested the assistance of the U.S. in order to defeat Germany so they had to hold Germany off till the U.S.’s arrival in Paris. Once there, Germany was beaten and thus vanquishing the Central Powers.

It Keeps Moving-By, Carlos QuinteroThe war continues to progress, but not in a good way. It has corrupted many other countries into joining such as Japan, Italy, Turkey, etc. Many were taken in as allies with promises of the spoils of the war. Others were forced in as their location on the world granted many strategies to manifest and take form. This war just keeps growing and “devouring” many countries until there is no escape from its grasp. The Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente were even brought into this war as they had no choice but to change their motives from defense to offense as their countries/ allies were in danger.

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