[2015] Stella Gifford: The War that Saved my Life

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[2015] Stella Gifford: The War that Saved my Life

The War that Saved my Life

By,Stella Gifford

The Book Summery of The War that Saved my Life A young girl named Ada who lives in London with her cruel mother and her younger brother Jamie.Ada’s mom is cruel to her because she was born with a twisted left foot.When world war two starts bombs start falling and the mother known as mam plans to send Jamie and only Jaime away from the fighting.When the train comes Ada decides to go with her brother and when they get there they get put in a home with a woman whose name is Susan will change both of their lives forever.

Created by: David Benbennick

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Realated Book 940.5 GRAWorld War IIthe events and their impact on real peoplewritten by Reg GrantbookGrant, R. GIncludes index.LCCN: 20082994ISBN: ?9780756638

'Being left-handed is a sign of the devil'!

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