The War of Independence

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The War of Independence

The War of Independence

The video above is a brief explanation of what happened during the War of Independence.

The War Of IndependenceThe War of Independence began when five Arab nations attacked Israel for becoming an independent country. The Arab nations marched into former Palestinian mandate and advanced from there. After a short period of tense fighting, Israeli forces were able to gain the offensive. Israel was well equipped with military technology and had well trained troops (due to World War II). Something that gave Israel another advantage was that the Arab Armies were not in co-ordination. They all attack on their own time rather than a whole force unlike the Israelis who attacked as a whole group under a single command. This led to Israel gaining more and more victories. As a result of this, the Arab nations that were involved signed a peace treaty over time. This allowed Israel to expand their territories.

The photo below shows a trooper of the Eighth Brigade taking aim. (The Eighth Brigade was a regiment of troopers during the War of Independence).

The photo below shows a news headline saying "State of Israel is Born." meaning Israel is now independent.

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Israel's PreparationBefore the War of Independence began, Israel already had trained and ready soldiers due to WWII. They also got many soldiers by capturing terrorist groups and making them enlist. Another thing is that they had the latest weaponry because of the war. When the Arabs attacked, Israel was surprised, but because of the experience and number of troops as well as the weaponry, they won.

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