The War of 1812

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The War of 1812

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The War of 1812...

This is a name that the War of 1812 is often called. Even though the original War of Independence was already through, America was still viewed as an amateur country, and Britain didn't have a lot of respect for America's freedom and power. This war proved to Britain, America, and anyone else with doubts about our country that America could hold its own.

As a far as peace went, the War of 1812 ended with the signing of the Ghent Treaty. The war also brought Americans together with a newfound confidence. Federalist attacks on President Madison came to an end, and America was feeling at the top of its game - ready to establish its deserved place internationally.

Relations between America and Britain had been fractured prior to the war because of some of Britain's actions. Britain provided Natives in the Nortwhest with arms (to be used against Americans). To add onto that, the British were continuosly and forcefully "recruiting" American soldiers and making them fight on their side.

"2nd War for Independence"

What was the aftermath?

What exactly caused it?

The War of 1812 (self-explanatory) was a war that took place between America and Britain. There was no official winner of this war, but the widely accepted victor is America. This controversial war resulted in increased American self-assuredness and, in a way, re-officiated America's independence. Our national anthem was birthed because of this war.

In 4 Sentences

Francis Scott Key, a young, patriotic man during the War of 1812, wrote a poem (beautiful in my opinion) about the American flag's seeming everpresence during a major battle in the war. According to the poem, our nation's flag waved efflorescently even after the rough and tough battles of hardcore warfare. To this day, that poem is one of the most recognizable in the nation.

war hawks - people who were ready to wage war on Britain at any timeimpressment - the act of bringing soldiers to fight on your side by forceneutrality - the choice to remain peaceful by not picking sidesblockade - shutting a passage to keep people/supplies from coming/leavingnationalism - pride & confidence in your country

What You Need to Know

British attack on US in August 1814

American Invasion of Canada - July 1812

British blockade of American ports: Start of war

The renowned Battle of Horseshoe Bend(1814 - March)

Our National Anthem




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