The war of 1812

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The war of 1812

The War of 1812

The war of 1812 was called the second war for independece because that war was the second major battle that the U.S and Britian had over America that was caused over dissagreements over shipping trade and several other things both in sea and on land but this time instead of America winning it was basicly a tie between both countries

Time Line

The president was looking for ways to force Britan and France torespect America so he passed the Embargo Act which didn't workout very well for America their exports fell from $109 million to $25 million in just 1 year. The embargo act not only hurt the other countries but it also hurt American farmers, and planters lots of Americans lost their jobs because of the Embargo Act. Many people were outraged lots of Americans turned to smugglig. Congress fially repealed the Embargo Actin 1809 and instead they passed a less servere act that let America trade with other coutries except Britian and France.

Causes Of War1. There was already tension with Britian2. Britian continued to impress Americian sailors3. Americans were angry at Britian for arming ative Americans in the Northwest.

Effects of War1. Jefferson's spending cuts weakend Americas army strength2. Britian closed off American Ports3. The Invasion of Canada caused more then 2000 American men to be captured by the British.4. The British attacked D.C burning down the White House and several oter government buildings.

Background Paragraph- When James Madison took office in 1809 there was alot of tension with the British. They were still impressing American sailors. In the spring of 1812 Britian told the U.S that they would continue to impress American sailors. In June, congress declared war with Britian. It was a rough start at first for both Britian and America because Britian was still at war with France and America only had 16 warships and 7000 men. There was a series of battles between America and Britian. In 1814 Britian rew tired of war and on christmas eve. both Britian and America signed the Treaty of Ghent.

The National Anthem:Francis Scott Key a young American watched the attack on Fort McHenry. At dawn he saw taht the american flag was still flying over the fort meaning that America had won the battle. On the back of an old envolope he wrote a poem called the "Star-Spangled Banner" It told the story of what he had witnessed that night.The poem became popular and was later accompanied by music. In 1931, congress made t the national anthem of the United States

Key Vocabulary:1. War Hawks-Those who were eager for war with Britian2. Impressment-Seizing the sailors and forcing the to serve in the British navy3.Neutrality- the state or policy of being netural 4.Blockade-The action of shutting a por or road to prevent people or supplies from coming into an area. 5.Nationalism- Pride in one's country


A serious threat came to American Trade when two powerful contries were at war with eachother and America remained neatural and continued to trade with both Britan and France. Becaus Britian and France were looking for ways to weaken eachother they cut off foregin trade which weakend America because they soon began to seize american ships. Between 1803-1807 France and Britian seized more than 1500 american ships. And they soon began to impress American Sailors.


James Madison took office and tension with Britain was at a new all time high.Americans were angry at the British for many different reasons. To most Americans the country's honor was at stake. In 1810 2 strong nationalast and their supporters (warhawks) were ready for war with Britian. In the spring of 1812 the british told the Americans that they would continue to impress sailors and Native Americans in the Northwest were beginning attacks on the fronteir settlements. In June, Congress declared war.



When the war began Americans thought that it would be an easy win for them since Britian was still at war with France but because of Jefferson's spending cuts the U.S was ot prepared for the war.Their navy only had 16 warships and their army only had less than 7000 men. In July, American troops under General William Hull invaded Canada but werent sure if they had enough soliders so they retreated then British soldiers under General Issac Brock, took advantage of General Hull's retreat and forced them to surrender the britsh captured more than 2000 American soldiers. On lake Erie they had better luck though when one ship was damaged badly under the controll of the American Commander Oliver Hazard Perry they switched ships and fought untill they won.In August the USS constitution defeated a Britis warship called the Guerriere they nicknamed the constitution "Old Iornsides" because the British artillary bounced off the ships hull and made it seem as though to Americans the ships hull was made of iorn.

The British had set up a blockade of the American Coast and by 1814 the British had 135 navy warhips blockading American ports. In August of 1814 the British had a new strategy of attack they decided to attack Washigton D.C they burned several government buildings including the White House and the American army could not sop them and defend the nation's capital. The British then moved to Baltimore and their first place of attack was Fort McHenry but Americans were able to fight against the attack and win. By 1814 the British were tired of war on christmas ev. both sides had signed the Treaty of Ghent.


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