The War of 1812

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The War of 1812

War of 1812


Why this was a fail...

Convinced that with a population of 8 million, Thomas Jefferson felt that the United States could conquer Canada, which only consisted of 250,000 inhabitants. He also believed it would lower the cost of building a larger navy and refuted that there would be no need for a professional army calling it a "mere matter of marching". The nation made their first attempt when an army of colonial troops marched to Quebec City.

This invasion proved to be a fail, unlike what Jefferson believed. Every one of the multiple attacks on Canada was repelled by its British and Indian forces. Militiamen fled when under assault and regular U.S. troops nearly reacted in the same way. This embarressed the nation.

While Britain was in the midst of battling Napoleon, British troops were free to attack the United States. Britain's navy barricaded the coast while the army invaded within. They marched into eastern Maine, penetrating its weak defense; New York, and Washington D.C., Maryland. Later in 1814, British forces traveled to the Gulf of Mexico into New Orleans to deploy the fourth army.

Indeed, the U.S. did fight a lot better during this invasion than with Canada, resulting in American victory. However, the United States suffered major losses, one of which being the nation's captiol. The city and the White House were set afire out of vengeance. It may have been a successful defense on America's part, but because of such great losses, it was an even bigger fail.

The Treaty of Ghent, a peace agreement written to end the War of 1812 and restore peace between America and Britain, was signed on December 24, 1814.

Two weeks after the official end of the War of 1812, after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, Britain made yet another attack. It failed to resolve war. Britain did not recieve word of the accord and led an assault on the Gulf sparking the Battle of New Orleans. This was a fail because of miscommunication, but nonetheless, it ceased to work in time to prevent war.

U.S. Invasion of Canada

The Treaty of Ghent

Why this was a fail...

Why this was a fail...

British Invasion of America


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