The Waiting Dog by Lacey and Erynn

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The Waiting Dog by Lacey and Erynn

The Waiting Dog

''The Waiting Dog'' was written by Carolyn Beck in 2003. The story was illustrated by her sister Andrea. ''The Waiting Dog'' was the first venture into the world of children's stories for Carolyn Beck. Andrea Beck is well known as the author and illustrator of the series ''Elliot Moose''. Both sisters reside in southern Ontario.

Picture Book Assignment by Lacey Sather and Erynn Swett

Carolyn Beck's use of visual language and rhyme add to the book's effectiveness by making the reader feel as though they are part of the story. Andrea Beck's graphic illustrations are so complementary to the narration that it is nearly impossible to read the story without also reading the pictures. The images combined with the use of imagery give the reader such vivid picture of what is happening that one can actually hear the story transpiring in her mind

''The Waiting Dog'' is a controversial picture book that was recently removed from the junior section of the Sylvan Lake Municipal Library up to Juvenile due to graphic content. We chose this story because we found it interesting that a seemingly ''harmless'' picture book could cause quite a commotion.. Upon reading it's reviews, we realized that it has been deemed ''gruesome'' and at times ''inappropriate'' throughout different literary circles. As future middle school teachers, we believe that ''The Waiting Dog'' would be an exceptional addition to the classroom especially for young boys. Although the story is obviously vivid and at times hard to stomach (this is made evident by the warning label on the front cover) we feel that the imagery and use of rhyme would allow for further discussion and learning about the different types of poetry and uses of language..


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