[2015] AngelicaAMMS: the vwatsons chaterper 2

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[2015] AngelicaAMMS: the vwatsons chaterper 2

when we think of clss, we usually think of econmic class- you know , who's got the benjamins and who dosen't . And sure that kind of class plays a role in The Watsons go to Birmingham -1963.after all, alot of bullying that gose on at Clark Elementary school has a class system of its own, and who gets bullied and who ddose the bullying depends on each kid's place on the social ladder .any little thing that dirfferent about someone is expolited as a weaknessby bullies . this is an issue that kenney struggles with thoughout the book ; and eventually , kenney's qustions resinate with bigger questions

angelica alamillo



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