The vital importance of water, its uses and pollutants involved

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The vital importance of water, its uses and pollutants involved

The vital importance of water, its uses, and pollutants involved



Domestic uses of water

Water in dams

Water is considered the most important nutrient; it is fundamental to live.Here, you will know more about water and the importance that it has for us, its domestic uses, water pollution, how rainwater is involved in drainage systems, and the pollutants that we can find in the atmosphere. Also, you will know the process of water to convert it into drinking water.

Drainage water quality may vary within a catchment. Frequently, in developing countries, agricultural drains are used for the disposal of domestic and industrial wastewater, or for the disposal of polluted water from other non-agricultural sources.

Mayor domestic uses of waterWater is used for indoor and outdoor household purposes-all the things you do at home: drinking, preparing food, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, brushing your teeth, watering the yard and garden, and even washing the dog.Household products in water pollutionHousehold pollutants are contaminants that are released during the use of various products sucha as insecticides, pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers. Many household products we use daily contain toxic materials that can threaten public health and the environment.

Rainwater in the storm drainage system

Storm drains are found on urban and suburban streets at curbsides, often at corners. Water entering storm drains is usually sent directly into the nearest waterway, untreated.

Atmospheric pollutantsAtmospheric deposition is the pollution of water caused by air pollution.*In the atmosphere, water particles mix with carbon dioxide sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, this forms a weak acid.*Water vapor absorbs more of these gases and becomes even more acidic.*When it rains the water is polluted with these gases, this is called acid rain.Urban pollutantsStreet litter, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, pet and yard waste, motor oil, anti-freeze, household hazardous wastes, and paint are just a few of the pollutants that find their way into storm drains. This water travels from storm drains into local streams, ponds, and lakes.

Pollutants in rivers and streams*Dirt: Rain washes dirt into streams and rivers which can smother fish and other animals.*Bacteria: They can come from combined sewers after.*Biological: When decomposition of organisms begins, it generates bacteria.*Urban: Humans produce pollutants such as trash, or fertilizers.*Agriculture: Chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

Water treatments for use*Sedimentation: Suspended materials can be easily removed by water decantation.*Filtration: physical process that relies on water pass through a filter.*Disinfection: it involves adding chemicals such as chlorine or UV rays.


Water makes up more than half of our body weight and a person can't survive for more than a few days without it. Why? Because the body has lots of important jobs and it needs water to do many of them. Our body can help us to stay properly hydrated by regulating the amount of water in our system. We need drinking water, with past of the years, humans have developed different methods for the treatment of water due to the pollution caused by people actions.


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Water has a very important role in the life of any living thing in the world, and depends of us to take care about it. The reason is that the humans have an important impact in the conditions of water, because the actions that we do, are reflected in the quality that the water will have. "These actions could be harmful and many times we don’t see that" (Carmen). "We need to take care of it since the smallest actions, as the ones that can be done in home to the biggest" (Monica). "We have to do campaigns in our community that will permit us to take conscious about the importance of water" (Jaime). "Humans won´t do something until something bad will happen" (Eber). "We have to prevent the pollution of water avoiding littering, waste and toxic substances to rivers and oceans" (Araceli).

Advices for caring of waterShort terms:•Use the washing machine for only full loads•Take quickly showers•Turn off the water while soaping your hands•Use a glass of water to brush your teeth•Use a bucket of water washing the carLong terms:•Use drip irrigation for plants and gardens, and water early in the morning to minimize evaporation.•Collecting rainwater for landscape use is great for the plants, and can save you water.•Install water-efficient plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption by 25% to 60%.


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