[2015] Aftonlakeland1: The Virginia Colony

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[2015] Aftonlakeland1: The Virginia Colony

The schools were made in small buildings and were not controlled by the purtians. They had many different religons in one school. - Colonial Education

The first colonist came to Virginia on May 14, 1607. - History of Jamestown

The Virginia ColonyBy Sarah and Katie K

While working women wore wool, cotton, or linen. Women also wore bonnets that were worn at all times. There shoes were made of silk or leather and was fastened by a buckle. Men in all social classes wore suits. Those suits were made of cotton, linen, wool or leather. These suits also had a long coat that fell to the knees. A waist coat that was the precursor to todays vest. Plus knee length pants called breachers. Mens shoes were made of leather and had a buckle that fastened the shoe. - eHow

John Smith

When Did They Come


What They Ate

One of there favorite foods was corn. One ofthere other favorites was soups and stews made out of vegetables and squirrel. They cooked over a fireplace in a big pot. But sincemost of the houses were built on swampy land,there wasn't much fresh water. - The Virginia Colony By Dennis B. Fradin

The Schools


Where the Settlers Were From

The settlers were from England.They went for buissness to find gold. - Mrs. D

1) The Virginia Colony's people were Puitans. They went from England to the Virginia Colony to find freedom. - Encyclopedia Virginia2) The people who lived in the Viginia Colony had houses that were built out of wooven branches and mudd. They also had thatched roofs. - Colonial Education

Virginia was in the middle part of the therteen colonies


In the summer, it felt like tropical humitty. In winter, it was bitter cold and they called it "The Little Ice Age." They faced drowts too.The land was very hilly and very swampy. - Early Jamestown


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