[2014] Kayla M: The Violin

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[2014] Kayla M: The Violin

History Of The Violin- The violin was first invented in in 6thcentury.-The oldest confirmed surviving violin, dated inside, is the "Charles IX" by Andrea Amati, made in Cremona in 1564, but the label is very doubtful.-The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an Amati violin that may be even older, possibly dating to 1558 but also this date is very doubtful.- In the 20th century the first electric violin was invented.-

The Violin

The Fastest 13 year old Violin Player

By: Kayla&Deanna

Fun facts:

Fun Fact #2By “stringed” we refer to instruments played with a bow.

Fun Fact #1The Violin Is the smallest instrument in the "string" Family

Fun fact #3 This instrument was First Called the "fiddle"


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