The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War

Walking on dangerous fields, U.S. troops had to be careful where they walked.At first President Johnson did not want to send U.S. troops. Johnson had ended up send troops to Vietnam because he thought it would help stop the spread of communism. Westmoreland was one of the military leaders in Vietnam who worked with the ARVN, Westmoreland kept requesting more troops to come in to Vietnam. Even with all the military weapons that the U.S. troops had, they couldn't compete with the Vietcong tactics like hit and run and guerilla attacks. Westmoreland thought he could wear down Vietcong with constant attacks. U.S. troops also used chemicals to destroy forest where Vietcong would hide and wait to attack. With the war continuing in Vietnam, American soldiers started losing hope of winning. With soldiers also losing hope, Americans back home were also started to lose hope. With this the nation was divided into supporters and opposers.

Ho Chi Minh along with the Vietcong allies fought American forces to surrender in Vietnam in 1946 to 1973. Vietminh, North Vietnam, was a communist country ruled by Ho Chi Minh. The country as a whole wanted to break out of the communist ways and become independent. The fight for independence lasted 8 years, but failed. The Domino Theory stated that if one country became Communist or any other form of government so did its neighbors. The rule was enforced by Ho Chi Minh, wanting South Vietnam to become communist. South Vietnam, run by non-communist leader, Ngo Dinh Diem eventually went into war with Vietcong and Ho Chi Minh. Geneva Accords was a peace agreement between North and South Vietnam making them split into two separate nations, Vietminh and Saigon. Vietnam as a whole tried to unify the split nations but failed in 1956.


The Vietnam War!!


With the war continuing non-stop in Vietnam men between the ages of 18-24 began to be drafted. Since people were being drafted there were men called conscientious objectors.There was also African Americans who did not want to join the war because they were still being treated unequally at home. Women were also sent to Vietnam for hospitality and entertainment for the troops over there. Since there were opposers against the war American students began to voice their thoughts. Students for a Democratic Society was an organization of the New Left which demand changes in the American Society and for individuals. The Free Speech Movement were one of the organizations lead by Mario Savio that criticized the "American Machine". College students began to protest the government because they believed that the U.S. couldn't watch and patrol every country. The nation was divided into twos; Doves- opposed the war. Hawks- Those who supported the war. Johnson who had tried to keep everything under control and a major turn when McNamara had left being one of the most important military leaders in Vietnam.


Tet Offensive was a military campaign that was launched on January 30, 1968 by Vietcong. They attacked 100 towns is Saigon and the US Embassy in Saigon. Clark Clifford replaced Robert McNamara as Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of Defense because McNamara became opposed to The Vietnam War. Robert Kennedy ran for president in 1968, but after a speech he gave he was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian who opposed Israel and Kennedy. Hubert Humphrey ran for office against Eugene McCarthy. He won nomination but not presidency. George Wallace was a 4 time governor for Alabama. He was known for his pro-segregation attitude and was a symbol for state rights. He was also a third party candidate for Democrat American independence.

Richard Nixon was Republican President of the United States in 1969. It was almost time for the Vietnam War to a close but he had to resign over the Watergate scandal. Henry Kissinger was the National Security Advisory and his main goal was to negotiate with North Vietnam to make a peace treaty with them. The gradual withdraw of troops form Vietnam was called Vietnamization. The silent majiortiy were groups of Americans that quietly supported the Vietnam War. My Lai was a group of men who sexually abused and harassed women throughout the duration of the war. Kent State was the location of one of the many college student protests against the Vietnam War. The massive student protest ended with a clash against the police and the death of several students, and burning of the ROTC building. The incident greatly decreased the support for U.S. involvement in Vietnam and caused even more protests and resentment.

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