The Vietnam War

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

Us citizens protesting the shipment of troops to Vietenam

Viet Cong soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War

Causes:-Vietnam was a colony of France, but were not allowed independence becaise of their valuable resources-Vietnam was given a glimpse of freedom, when Japan took it over during WWII. Fance went to reclaim it, but the Vietnamese fought against them.

Summarize:-The Vietnamese united Nationalists and Communists fought against the French- The Vietnamese Viet Cong used Guerrilla Warfare to defeat the French-Vietnam split into Communist North and a Republic South-The USSR and China aided the Viet Cong in the north and the US aided Ngo Dinh Diem in the south-The US slowly began to withdraw, leaving the fighting to the southern Vietnamese-Communist North Vietnam invaded and took over the Southern capital of Saigon and reunited the two halves into one communist Vietnam

American Point of View:-Fought in the war to stop the spread of communism-Sent troops and economic aid to help the southern half of Vietnam-Protests in the US lead to Vietnamization, the gradual withdrawl of troops from Vietnam and giving the responsibility of the fight back to the South Vietnamese government

Soviet Union Point of View:-Aided the northern half of Vietnam during the war through communist China-- Lent moral, logistic and military support--Saw the war as a way to expand communism -Supported the Viet Cong along with northern Vietnam and China

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