[2015] Cesario Garcia: The Vietnam

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[2015] Cesario Garcia: The Vietnam

The Vietnam war was a brutal and costly war. During the war many troops were sent out into war to fight against communism in Vietnam. During the war around 60000 American soldiers died. Around 2 million Vietnamese died during the war. Clearly, the war was brutal and was very costly of human lives.

Vietnam inccreased tensions with USSr. It did so becuase RUssia saw this as more of an act against communism and an act against them. SO in response Russia began to make diplomatic relations with Communist China. They both worked together to help communist Vietnam. That is how Vietnam affected the conflict with Russia.

The Vietnam War

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The war affected U.S and Russia. U.S had to draft people in for the war. They did so since they had little volunteers, this then started conflict within the U.S. Since North V. lost so did Russia since they helped the North. That is how the war affected them.

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Vietnam is significant to the Cold War. Vietnam took place around the same time as the Cold War. Witch increased tensions between Russia and the U.S. Also it is known as one of the most costly and longest wars in U.S history. That is how Vietnam war wa significant to the Cold War.

The war represents brinkmanship and expansionism. It represents brinkmanship because the U.S sent out many materials and supplies for the war. As well as many many weapons. It represents expansionism because this war was to stop the expansion of communism in Vietnam. Russia helped the communist side and U.S seriously backed the South witch is the side that fought communism. That is how the war represents brinkmanship and expansionism.


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