The Victorian Era: Child Labor

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The Victorian Era: Child Labor

Many children started to work around the age 5, the same age children start school today. As long as the child was big enough, they would start to work right away. Even children that were small could do something as little as feeding chickens. Most of the older children worked in factories while the younger children did things around the house.

Many children were poor and worked to help their families.But, only a few people thought this was strange or cruel. Others thought it was necessary because if you dont work you dont get money. The factories were excited about hiring children because a child was paid alot less than an adult.

When did children start to work? work?

Why did children go to work???

In coal mines, children could get blck lung from the coal dust.In textile mills, the children could get white lung from the yarn that they spun.Many children work at least 16 hours, about as much as there elders.

Fun Facts

Jobs the Children Attended...coal minesa facctory workerscareing birds from fieldsa farm workership yard seller in the streetsdomestic servantrat catcherlaundry for paypottery makingtextile millrail stationhat making

The Victorian EraChild LaborBy: Kyndra Patterson


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