The Victims of the Holocaust

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World War II

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The Victims of the Holocaust

The Victims of the Holocaust

The Gypsies* The Gypsies were a nomadic race*They were being destroyed only because of their race*The Germans beleived that the Gypsies were racially inferior*They were moved into special areas set up by the Nazis*Almost the entire Eastern European Gypsy population was wiped out*They were like the Jews in a way*They were sent to Auschwitz/Birkenau*Many were put in the gas chambers immediatley *Josef Mengele was very interested in the Gypsy children*He was kind and sweet to them but one night he slaughtered 14 pairs of Gypsy twins in one night

The Handicapped-There was not enough money to provide the needs fro the diabled-Hitler initiated the "cleansing program"-All the Handicapped were just put to death

Homosexuals-At first Hitler was ok with Homosexuals-Because it was common knowledge that homosexuals were practiced in the Nazi army-In June, 1934 Hitler ordered Homosexuality to be banned-Homosexuals were at the mercy of the legal system-He despised them because they would not have children when they marry and they would not provide men for the army

-Homosexuals were then sent to the camps-They were marked by the Pink Triangle-They became targets of brutality-Most were beaten to death-Death rates were very high

No money or space for the handicapped

The pink triangle used to mark Homosexuals


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