The Vickers Machine Gun

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Social Studies
World War I

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The Vickers Machine Gun

Impact:The Vickers machine gun had a huge impact on the world and history of warfare. The gun put an end to two groups running at each other and opened up a door to complex strategy. It also led to later guns and technologies such as the Lewis gun and machine guns on planes.

Why:The Vickers machine gun was made to fire many rounds of bullets in a short amount of time in order to take out large numers of enemies. It proved very usefull in that it could shoot an average 450 rounds per minute. The gun made it easy to defend and very hard to attack.

Significance:The Vickers machine gun was very significant during WWI. It allowed gunners to take down attacking troops hundreds at a time, and made attacking enemies on foot nearly impossible. They were also used to shoot down planes and were later put onto planes. It also made things a lot easier for the gunner because he didn't have to aim.

Where:The Vickers machine gun was used on the outer line of battle. They would be in front and take out any incoming troops. They were also mounted on planes or used to shoot them down.

The Vickers Machine Gun

Political:The political cause for the Vickers machine gun was countries wanted to destroy their enemies quickly and efficiently to reduce the time of war. The effect was a change in the way nations faught wars. Militaries would have to pan things out more strategically and not just charge into battle.

Social:The social cause of the Vickers machine gun was that the military needed a more efficient way to attack the enemy. The results were very successful and had dramatic effects. 1,000s of people were killed by the machine guns on the battlefield and changed the life of soldiers of all nations.

Economical:The economical cause of the Vickers machine gun was motivation to make money. The company Vickers Limited designed it and manufactured it. The effect was lots of income for Vickers Limited and nations all over having access to the gun. Soon every nation had machine guns.

When:The Vickers machine gun was made in 1912 in Britain by the Vickers Limited company. It was modeled after the Maxum Gun and was used in WWI.

Secondary Souce: were the British soldiers not prepared for the attack?


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