The Vectors

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The Vectors

There are two laws of vectors:-the triangle law;

The Vectors

„Educatio optimus cibus ad senectutem.”-Aristotle

The parallelogram law for the addition of vectors is so intuitive that its origin is unknown. It may have appeared in a now lost work of Aristotle, „Mechanics” of Heron of Alexandria.It was also the first corollary in „Principia Mathematica” (1687) of Isaac Newton. He dealt extensively with what are now considered vectorial entities (e.g., velocity, force), but never the concept of a vector. The systematic study and use of vectors were a 19th and early 20th century phenomenon.

REMEMBER!!! A vector is an oriented line segment, which has an origin (application point), a direction, a sense and a lenght, which is proportional with the module of vectorial magnitude. We can mark down the vector „AB” with → AB

What is a vector?

-the parallelogram law.

Good to know!!!

The scalar product of two vectors


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