The Vampire Diaries <3.

by TurtleTanis
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The Vampire Diaries <3.

The Vampire Diaries

"The two boys are both Vampire's and they are brothers and they both want the girl in the middle & her name is Elena Glibert & the boy in the brown shirt's name is Stefan Salvatore & the boy with the black shirt's name is Damon Salvatore & they are about 100 to 200 years old well in the books and on the show lol. I almost forgot they survie with these rings that a witch made by casting a spell on them for them to walk out in day light & they can eat human food but can't tast it (= "

Their real names are, Stefan's is Paul Wesey.& Elena's name is Nina dobrev. &Damon's is Ian Somerhalder(=

"How I found out about this show is that I just turned the channel to it and then I got into it and from that day forward I never missed a episode & when they went on a break I bought the Books and also got into them But what I learned from the books is that nothing is the same & I guess that's good because they are still pretty awesome lol I already read 4 books. One day me and my dad went shopping and I saw The Vampire Diaries bookmark and I just had to but it and so I did and a couple days ago I saw a different one and I bought it two so that is even more awesome, to have the bookmarks to go with the books lol (="


"All my friends well Jamie always says "Oh shut up The Vampire Diaries suck" and I never get mad because I really don't care what she thinks but she is a good friend anyway (="



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