The Utes

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The Utes

The Utes traded a ton of stuff like; baskets, wool, clothing, weapons, animals, pottery, andarrow heads they would get back a ton of food and animals.

Colorado HistoryFrom Devon, Jamie, Evie, Torin, and Braden

The Utes:

What the Utes traded:

Hunting to get food so that they could eat daily. They had to build shelter to keep safe from animals too.

The Utes used tipis because it kept them save and there was a little fire that the Utes made to keep them a little warm too.

People used tipis beacuse:

They used speers, knifes, rocks, bows and arrows, and horses to shove them in corners and push them off cliff dwellings. They used the wepons to fight other tribes and kill animals for food.

How they killed animals:

Utes were able to survive the daily lives by:

At the end of the day the Utes would bake a yummy meal and would enjoy all of it.

The Utes would have a big meal like calf, backed patatoes, caned tomatoes, and corn.

The Ute men hunted to get food and the Ute girls stayed by their tipis to protect their stuff, and they also cooked the food that they hunted.They also scraped fat off of animal skin.


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