The uses of Sonar and Radar

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The uses of Sonar and Radar

Originally Military Technologies

-RADAR is used on boats and airplanes for location in poor conditions and restricted sight.-SONAR is used just as often in depth finders for boats-Technology simmilar to SONAR is used in Ultrasoundson pregnant women.

Non-Military Uses

The Uses Of ...

-RADAR was invented in the 20th Century-RADAR was first used to avoid ship colisions in fog-RADAR stands for Stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging-RADAR used radio waves and a special instrument that detects and calculates the distance


RADAR uses radio waves that reflect off of solid objectsIt is used in air, not waterIt detects range, speed, distance altitudeIt pulses of micro or radio waves that bounce off anything in its path

SONAR is used in waterIt is used high and low frequency sound wavesThen it will detect the sound bounced back off objects

How it WorksSONAR

-SONAR was discovered in 1940 by Leonardo Da Vinci-SONAR stands for SOund Navigation And RangingSONAR is a system that emits sound waves, both low and high frequencies, and can detect the bounce back waves after hitting an object

How it WorksRADAR



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